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 Why Join The Brotherhood?

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PostSubject: Why Join The Brotherhood?   Fri Jun 05, 2009 2:24 am



You are asking the wrong question. Why join a country and work hard only for it to be taken-over and ruined? The Brotherhood is a belief, a fraternity of badasses; we cannot be taken-over, and our income taxes cannot be voted to 99%. While the nations of eRepublik will rise and fall, the Brotherhood will only continue to rise.

In case that isn't enough, soon the Tiberium Dawn will come and those who do not know the secrets of the Tiberium will be destroyed in a great fire. The Tiberium Sun will rise and those who are not among the enlightened will be vaporized by the intensity of the Tiberium. To avoid this cruel fate, you must follow the true path, the path of the Tiberium, the path of the Brotherhood, the path of Kane.

So ask yourself, do you know the secrets of the Tiberium? Does the Tiberium speak to you? Are all things revealed unto you by the Tiberium? If your answer is no (which it obviously is) then you need the Brotherhood and the guidance and illumination that Kane can bring to you.


Everything Kane says is true. He does not lie, cheat, or steal. Kane is the Messiah who can do no wrong and the sooner you understand this the better. As you can see, Kane has a long history of rescuing those in danger, and now he wants to rescue all of humanity with your help.

It was the immortal Kane who predicted the creation of the earth. It was Kane who first taught mankind how to speak English and transplanted people to the Americas. It was Kane who predicted the creation of the New World and the chaos and sadness that would be endured by the people who live there. Kane is here to speak so you can listen. He will awaken you to the truth and save you from the enemy.

If the living hell created by the Capitalist-Imperialist-Fascists is to be brought to its knees and the people liberated, it will require an enlightenment of the public. This can happen if the words and the truth of Kane is spread to the four lands.

Hmmm... I'm still not sure if I should join.

We have cool pictures and a nice forum.

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Why Join The Brotherhood?
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